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Expansion of dart shop in Kootwijkerbroek


A lot of work has been done in our store in Kootwijkerbroek in recent weeks! The dart shop has doubled in meters, allowing us to offer even more darts and also provide you as a darts player with all parts. The accessories range in particular has had a major upgrade.

Yes, it was really necessary! It is getting busier and busier in our store, especially because we are becoming more and more famous in the Netherlands with our dart shop. Darts players from West Germany are also increasingly finding us. We noticed that the buyers (and therefore) testers of darts and buyers of individual parts were starting to get in each other's way in our compact shop. The racks also started to become so full that the overview was lost. Something had to be done about that!

From now on you will first walk into a paradise of darts and on the other side of the walkway you will find all the loose parts and accessories such as dartboards, surround, lighting and dart mats. Better overview, more products and a more complete range!

Will we see you soon in our store in Kootwijkerbroek?


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