Test darts

In our shop it is possible to test a set of darts before you buy it. Every darter throws differently and expects something different from a dart. Our team is happy to advise you when purchasing a set of darts. You do not need to make an appointment for this.

Testing darts is only allowed with the intention that you want to buy darts.

Replace dart points

At Dartshop Midden Nederland we offer the possibility to replace the dart points of your darts. The dart points are damage free and sharp. Ready while you wait! You can also choose from many different points with or without grip. Making an appointment is not necessary.

Buy team dart shirts

Do you need (printed) darts shirts for your darts team? We can order dart shirts from all well-known brands. It is also possible to have the shirts printed or embroidered. Pre-fitting is also possible. Contact us for more information.

Custom-Made dartflights

With us you have come to the right place for printed dartflights. You can have professionally printed dartflights (four sides) printed from 100 sets. The more you order, the cheaper the dartflights become.

For larger print runs it is also possible to request a design. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.